• Cost effective and easy to use, our Double Check Child Safety System assures no child is ever left behind on a parked bus and no unauthorized people or items are on the bus when the route begins. Soteria Innovations -- Safety products you can count on!
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About Us

Soteria Innovations is a South Carolina based company that focuses on safety equipment for schools and other patented products. Our designs emphasize low cost, no frills, and high effectiveness.

Despite numerous other electronic systems that school districts have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on, children are still being left on buses. We saw the need to provide a new safety solution that fits into shrinking school budgets and more importantly, WORKS.

Recent Examples of Children Forgotten on Buses:
Cary, North Carolina – Two children with special needs left on Wake County buses
Sumner, South Carolina – Autistic 5-year-old left on bus for four hours
Klamath Falls, Oregon – Autistic 11-year-old left on bus all day
Phoenix, Arizona – Special needs child left on hot bus
Washington, D.C. – Autistic 4-year-old left on bus for 5 hours after driver and aide disabled electronic check system on bus