• Cost effective and easy to use, our Double Check Child Safety System assures no child is ever left behind on a parked bus and no unauthorized people or items are on the bus when the route begins. Soteria Innovations -- Safety products you can count on!
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M-DoubleCheck-1What is the Double Check Child Safety System?

This is a dual verification system to check for children and other items on a school bus after unloading.

At the end of each route, the bus driver walks to the rear of the bus to check for children and items left on the bus. At the rear of the bus the driver verifies this check by lowering the  Double Check Child Safety System flag to the six o'clock vertical position, which makes the flag visible through the rear window of the school bus for all to see. A supervisor patrolling the parked buses can easily see that the driver has completed the interior bus walk-through. Before starting each route the bus driver again walks to the rear of the bus to check for persons and items on the bus, a security check, and raises the flag to the nine o'clock position, making it no longer visible in the rear window. This allows the supervisor to verify that the pre-trip inspection has been completed before the bus leaves the parking lot."

Peace of Mind

Our  Double Check Child Safety System works by requiring the bus driver to conduct a visual inspection of the bus and a supervisor verify that the inspection has been completed. This will assure that the driver has inspected the interior of their bus before and after each A.M., midday, and P.M. route.

School bus drivers leave children behind on buses for only one reason: they are human and they make human errors.  Our  Double Check Child Safety System prevents human errors by reminding the drivers to check the buses daily.
Currently, a school usually finds out about a child left on a bus when a panic-stricken parent contacts them, looking for their child.  The Double Check Child Safety System allows schools to monitor those drivers are not following procedure BEFORE an incident occurs. By disciplining or retraining drivers who do not follow procedure, schools will reduce the likelihood of a child being left.


Our  Double Check Child Safety System is permanently mounted and secured with a single attachment to the driver's side interior rear window frame. When the flag is not lowered into the six o'clock position after each bus route, the flag is simply secured into the nine o'clock position.


The Double Check Child Safety System is economical and cost effective, more than
3x cheaper than the competition.  Additionally, there are no electronic or moving parts to fail, it is nearly indestructible (the flag is made out of a single flexible piece
of material).

Reduced Liability

If a child is ever accidentally left on a bus, supervisors will immediately know which driver and which bus was not following procedure. This information will help the school and parents locate the child faster, but also reduces the schools exposure to civil liability by (1) reducing the number of children left on buses in the first place, (2) showing that the school took proactive steps to avoid this problem, and (3) making it clear that the only way this happened was due to the bus driver’s failure to follow proper protocol.