• Cost effective and easy to use, our Double Check Child Safety System assures no child is ever left behind on a parked bus and no unauthorized people or items are on the bus when the route begins. Soteria Innovations -- Safety products you can count on!
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Lee County School District

Lee County School District strives to provide the safest transportation to and from school for our students. We purchased the Double Check Child Safety System in February 2013.

Having the Double Check Child Safety System on all of our buses gives us an extra level of safety and security, knowing that both drivers and students are protected. I enjoy the convenience of being able to ride through the centralized bus parking lot and automatically knowing that the procedures have been followed.

Having this Double Check Child Safety System demonstrates that Lee County School District is committed to keeping our students safe, and ensures that the safety of all who are transported on our buses.

I highly recommend this product for anyone that transports students. It gives an extra level of security, knowing that no student is left behind.

Pam Wessinger - Transportation Supervisor

Florence School District One

Good morning, thank you so much for coming up with the idea of the safety check flags. Last year we had a bus driver who left a child on the bus and the child was locked in our facility. While this was embarrassing since the bus driver failed to follow procedures and training, we knew we needed to do something more as a second failsafe. I searched for many different devices and many were either electronic or cost prohibited. However, we found your flags and the ease of use and installation was great.

We now have a way to check our buses in the mornings and the afternoons to ensure the bus driver checked the bus after completion of the route. The way the flags are designed and the reflective material, makes it easy for us to verify the buses were checked quickly. When we have a flag which is not in position, we do a double check by boarding the bus and physically walking through the bus before we leave. On the flip side, the driver who does not lower the flag after checking the bus, will be called into the office for a counseling session, and if we have too many instances, then we take some administrative action on the driver. I will admit we cheated somewhat, and bought staff some 220 lumens LED flashlights, which really get out there reach the and light up the area, and it truly makes quick work of checking the buses. The "check marks" are so easy to see. With my parking lot set-up, my last staff member has always done a drive thru to ensure no one was on the parking lot before securing the gates, with the flashlights and design of the flags, unless the staff member must do a physical check, there isn't any time added to the final check process.

Overall, with the design, ease of installation and durability, we expect to have years of service from the flags.

Bill Kurts - Coordinator of Transportation